Webinar 9/5 15 CEST: M3 TEST
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Thanks to all the positive feedback we have received on M3 TEST at the different M3 events this spring, we are conducting another M3 TEST webinar to follow up. 
The webinar will:

1) Show you how the tools support:
    - Automatic workflow documenation and manual testing
    - Automating M3 TEST
    - Dynamic test project management incl. Infor Xtreme issue tracking
    - Creation of Word/PDF documents, animation and videos for training purposes, test results,
       incident reporting...
2) Give examples of M3 customization of our test project management tool
    - We can helped users by importing their Excel spreadsheets 
    - Static Excel spreadsheets are converted to dynamic project management 
3) Share primary M3 TEST optimization goals from multiple M3 users
    - Some have process documentation as goal no. 1
    - Some want to automate M3 testing asap
    - Others want to improve project management
4) Inform about different pricing models which are being used
    - Rental for short term projects and/or
    - Purchase for continuous testing and/or documentation projects

Sign up for our 45-minute webinar on May 9 @ 15-15:45 CEST.

Important note: Please note that our tools can also be used to test your other applications: Web applications, (other) IBM i applications, SAP, JDE, Oracle EBS etc. And you can include multiple applications in one single test. We are simply using the message “M3 TEST” because we have learned that to many M3installations, TESTING has been the biggest headache in connection with upgrades. 

Take this chance and learn how to reduce the pain of ”M3 TEST”.

Click here to sign up for our 45-minute webinar on May 9 at 15 CEST.