SOSY’s M3 Toolkit

SOSY is proud to have a number of tools helping M3 users in different areas.

1.    M3 TEST – SOSY’s partner Original Software are specialists in helping organizations speed up ERP upgrades and improve application quality. A special focus area is user interface testing to help facilitate automatic documentation 
and reduce the amount of time that the business users need to spend on testing.

In the beginning of 2016 SOSY and Original Software launched this message into the M3 community after completing the first technical validation within an M3 environment.

M3 TEST has since then grown to become SOSY's biggest business area, and Helle Mering, SOSY, is Original Software's M3 Account Manager in EMEA working with M3 users, user groups, consultants and INfor regarding testing and test optimization.

Read our M3 TEST Win Story from Gabriel A/S, Denmark to learn about Gabriel's goals for M3 TESTING.

You can also read a lot more about M3 TESTING on our special website for Infor M3 Testing

2.    M3 monitoring – Want to monitoring your M3 environment proactively? Make sure the designated expert within hears about the problems as soon as they occur, instead of waiting for the user to react. Minimize impact on your business. Define recovery procedures, and be notified at your service desk, on your Apple and Android devices instantly.
Halcyon Software has created special templates for users of Infor M3 ensuring fast implementation of proactive M3 monitoring.
Read more about Halcyon's monitoring solution for M3

3.    Optimal data moves during upgrades – SOSY has helped a Danish M3 user upgrade M3 7.1 to M3 13.2 with minimum amount of downtime.
Thanks to MIMIX Share from Vision Solutions, Brødrene Hartmann A/S only had 2 hours of downtine instead of 11 hours which would have been the case with the standard migration tools. Infor in Denmark recommended MIMIX Share to Brødrene Hartmann, and Infor was in charge of the successful migration.
MIMIX Share even managed to move the data from DB2 to MSQL.
Click here for more information on the multiplatform solution MIMIX Share.

4.    M3 performance analysis – SOSY’s performance tool GiAPA can analyzes all jobs running on IBM i, and has during the past 2 years been enhanced to include special support for M3 performance analysis.
GiAPA can therefore pinpoint the cause of M3 performance issues by providing information on the program and user names involved. This enables you to resolve the performance issue yourself or contact Infor or an M3 consultant with exact information on what is wrong.
Want to see what GiAPA can find in your installation? Download the tool, collect data for two days, and let us show you examples from you own environment in a FREE Performance X-ray. If you order a GiAPA Health Check you will get all information from that data collection.
Click here for a 4-minute introductory video on GiAPA.