SOSY has launched a NEW CONCEPT for the Danish IBM i market:

SOSY Operations Package & SOSY Security Package


Søren Mørch from Shoe-d-vision has said YES!



Many users in Denmark have approached us and asked for help.

They were after a concept consisting of modern solutions for IBM i operations and security which included on-going support.

It was important for them to find a strong player in the market with continuous focus on product enhancement, and availability of a team of technical resources for support.

SOSY and SOSY’s partner HelpSystems have worked together to come up with two solutions that fit the described needs. The on-going technical support is handled by HelpSystems’ technical experts.

SOSY Operations Package

Jobs, disk and performance analysis combined with flexible reporting

Realtime notification in case of problems is key

SOSY Security Package

Compliance reporting and exit point management.

Protecting your IBM i from unwanted intrusion.


Shoe-d-vision have said YES

Søren Mørch, IT-coordinator at Shoe-d-vision is an expert within the IBM i operations and security area.

It is therefore with pride that SOSY can announce that Søren Mørch and Shoe-D-Vision have said YES to these new software solutions from SOSY.