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3 x 30 minutes: Want to improve your daily life with M3?

On three consecutive Tuesdays at 10:00-10:30 CEST, SOSY and Vince and M3 end users will show you how to make your M3 life easier in three different ways:

  1. Take the pulse on your M3 environment 24/7.
    – Dashboards and notifications ensure you are on top – – instead of reacting to complaints from users or management.
    – Define critical KPI’s (key point indicators) for sales, stock levels, unpaid invoices, IT operations …
    – Get notified automatically
  2. Easy M3 user control
    – How much time do you spend on managing M3 users?
    – Do you know who has access to what, what the different roles can do?
    – Is separation of duties a concern?
    – What about API security?
    – Remove headaches when it’s time for Infor audits. It’s easy to manage regular vs light users
  3. Efficient M3 data management – let your users
    – Extract data from M3
    – Update prices, item numbers etc…. in Excel on their own, and
    – Update the new values into M3
    Combine data from xxx tables in M3 – as you wish.
    Everything is based on secure access.

Within each area, numerous templates are available based on how other M3 users are applying the tools.

Interested in learning more?

All you have to do is invest 30 minutes (10:00 – 10:30 CEST), and you will get an overview of each area:

  1. Tuesday Sept 22nd: Take the pulse on your M3 environment 24/7
  2. Tuesday Sept 29th: Easy M3 user control
  3. Tuesday Oct 6th: Efficient M3 data management