Real-time Data Sharing

MIMIX Share from Syncsort replicates, transforms and/or distributes data between multiple platforms in real-time. The tool supports MS SQL, DB2 on IBM i, Oracle … Let us know if you have other data replication needs!

Multiple purposes

Improve your business efficiency and decision making by ensuring that your databases are in sync. Typically, SOSY’s users have one primary project to begin with. However, once the primary task has been taken care of, most companies end up using the tool for so much more.

Real-time data optimizes your queries, business intelligence, reporting and data warehousing and more.

MIMIX Share is also used for data migration projects during ERP upgrades which lets your users keep on working in the current working environment while IT tests the new environment, and the super users get a chance to be trained on the new version. Read more about using MIMIX Share for data migration on our M3 sampled datasheet.

MIMIX Share lets you have your data WHEN you want them, WHERE you want them, and HOW you want them!

Automatic data transformation on the fly

Eliminate the complexity and complications of sharing data between incompatible applications on multiple platforms manually. MIMIX Share will do it on the fly and will transform e.g. date formats or production codes on the fly, so that the data has the desired format on the receiving target database.

How MIMIX Share works

The diagram gives you a quick overview of how MIMIX Share works. It can be outlined in the following steps:

  1. Data changes are captured from the source database as they happen
  2. Replication and/or transformation happens on the fly
  3. Data is applied to the target database(s)
  4. The administrative console is updated as the last step ↔ no data is lost if communication breaks between source and target databases

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