Free Performance X-ray on IBM i 

Maybe you know what application is causing your performance problems. But you need to know more.

With GiAPA you can find out which source statement level or which user is causing your performance issues.

GiAPA in a nutshell

  1. GiAPA analyses all active jobs on IBM i every 15 seconds, and if any jobs takes up more than 4,5% CPU during an interval, GiAPA also collects information on disk access and file usage.
  2. GiAPA automatically analyzes your data and gives you feedback served on top-down priority, so you can see what is hurting performance the most.
  3. Get feedback by CPU%, logical/physical I/O’s, job, application, user…
  4. Get overviews via graphical feedback or technical feedback at source statement level enabling you to drill-down into root cause of performance issues
  5. Get GiAPA running on your system within 15 minutes!

Free Performance Appetizer

Want to see if we can find anything at your site? Order the FREE Performance X-ray and get the initial performance feedback free! If we cannot find any optimization potential, you pay nothing.

If we can help you improve performance, there are multiple options available:

  1. Performance health check
  2. Software license purchase or rental
  3. Performance consultancy

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