HelpSystems’ State of IBM i Security Study

Are you interested in getting a general overview of security issues and concerns in the IBM i world?

The 2019 State of IBM i Security Study reveals concrete, impartial data about how IBM i systems can be protected—but often aren’t.

Being a big player in the IBM i security arena, PowerTech HelpSystems have gathered information from thousands of IBM i users over the past 16 years. As a result, the State of IBM i Security Study has provided invaluable security insight from thousands of participants worldwide.

The results from the 2019 study lead us to conclude that if you have IBM i systems in your data center, your organization might also suffer from internal control deficiencies.

The State of IBM i Security Study:

  1. Shows you the most common and dangerous IBM i security exposures
  2. Outlines best practices for improvement, and
  3. Explains how these relate to compliance legislation, industry regulations, and IT guidelines and standards.

Use the link below to get access to the study! It is free of charge and will provide you with lots of valuable insights.