Vince VXL – Easy M3 Data Management

Want to make it easier to update your M3 data?

Do it directly in Microsoft Excel by using Vince VXL!!


  1. Vince VXL provides an overlay
  2. Communication between Infor M3 and Microsoft Excel is done via API.
    Simple. Robust. Secure.

Mass updates can now be quick and easy.

With Vince VXL your users no longer need to battle with unintuitive UI or jump between multiple records to create their mass updates.

Design your own templates – – or start with some of the useful templates available in the Vince community.

Vince VXL lets you see the bigger picture of your M3 data – – by letting you work in Microsoft Excel, you can easily create map trends, analyze historical data etc. etc.

Vince VXL supports all versions of M3: On prem, in the cloud …

Vince VXL is the most popular M3 specialist tool from Vince.