Save at least 50% on your UAT Testing

Sounds too good to be true? 

Read our Win Story on Gabriel A/S, Denmark, who in just 9 weeks decided to start using SOSY's TEST solutions from Original Software to optimise their User Acceptance Tests (UAT) in connection with their upgrade of Infor M3.

The manual testing tools have proven to be extremely valuable for Gabriel, as Gabriel is achieving three objectives through just one work process which captures the different business processes:

  1. In the planning phase - before the upgrades: Documentation of what should be tested within the different business processes
  2. Jump-start of automated testing, as recorded procedures can automatically be converted to scripts which can be used for test automation
  3. Compliance support (ISO, FDA, Hipaa, Basel etc): Work processes provide required documentation of the workflows for the auditors

The automated testing implies that:

  1. The super users do not need to be disturbed time and time again whenever a new patch or upgrade is to be applied to test the same procedures
  2. The quality of the testing is improved due to standard procedures
  3. More areas within the ERP are covered as test automation evolves
  4. Tests can be launch automatically during off-hours
  5. Automtic reports on test results pinpointed identified errors or just proving that the test was successful

The test and project management is improved because all involved parties know exactly:

  1. What has been tested and which tests still need to be done
  2. What the test results were
  3. Which errors were found
  4. Who did the testing
  5. Who approved the tests
  6. Which tests belong to which projects

Read our Win Story based on Gabriel A/S in Denmark. All the issues apply equally for Infor M3 and other ERP solutions (SAP, Oracle etc).

Read more about Infor M3 Testing on the special website here.