Vince VSE – M3 Security

Do you find it difficult to manager security, access control etc. in M3 ?

Vince VSE gives you a comprehensive overview of security within Infor M3, including permissions across users, roles and functions. 

Active directory integration makes it easy to assign or remove roles and authorities as people join, change roles or leave your company. 

Any changes made at the user level are tracked with the built-in audit trail!

With Vince VSE you can build and implement a robust access model that keeps your business safe AND satisfies your auditors too!

The intuitive design makes implementation easy and fast. Only 1 day is needed.

If segregation of duties is key in your environment, we will be happy to show you the add-on module with 35 rules predefined by KPMG.

Want to see a demo of Vince VSE? 

Read more about Vince VSE here on Vince Norway’s website.