Software Change Management

Software Change Management

How do you manage your source code? No automation in place today?

Remove manual source code handling and let your developers concentrate on development instead of spending hours and hours on looking for the right version of the code, making sure nobody else is working on the same tasks, and distributing the new source code after code completion!

Avoid the well-known manual mistake of one programmer over-writing new code which has been written by another programmer.

Rocket Aldon’s Lifecycle Manager will automatically move the changed code from development through testing and on to production. Automatic version control speeds up the process in your development cycle, as all the manual checks are no longer needed.

Emergency fix needed? No problem!

If an urgent problem is detected which needs to be fixed right away, Aldon Lifecycle Manager can allow this.

An “emergency check out” of the code is performed, the required changes can be applied to the code, and the emergency fix will be deployed.

Afterwards, a comparison will be done between the code in the emergency fix and the on-going project. The changes are clearly marked, and the developer can thus make an intelligent decision as to how the two sets of code should be merged.

Automatic deployment saves hours

With Aldon Lifecycle Manager deployment to multiple entities will happen automatically.

No more need for manual checklists to be followed when a new version is to be released.

IBM i or multiple platforms

The suite of products can work within IBM i environments or within multiplatform environments.

Compliance goals will be met

Assign the appropriate authority to the different team members and application owners, and minimize worries about compliance! Everything is tracked for auditing and regulatory compliance and Aldon’s Lifecycle Manager will reinforce the different roles through the development lifecycle.

You can even access the information on the go with the mobile and web solutions from Rocket Aldon.

Rocket Aldon’s solutions are prepared for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, Basel, etc.

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