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About SOSY

Ever since 1989, SOSY has worked with solutions optimising different areas of IT and including the facilitation of the service required to ensure successful implementation of the solutions.

The typical SOSY customer belongs to the financial or medical sector, or is a medium or large-scale production, retail or logistics company. The basis for SOSY is partnerships with industry-leading software companies within each of the business areas.

SOSY’s mission is well described in our slogan Optimising IT.

SOSY’s network – the core of SOSY’s business

The many SOSY activities at conferences and events since 1989 has formed the basis for the SOSY network which is the core of SOSY’s business activities today.

SOSY has been active as a sponsor, an exhibitor and as a contributor to the presentations at conferences and venues.

SOSY’s business model

SOSY is the local market representative for SOSY’s partners, and SOSY seeks to discover and define the needs and IT requirements as expressed by the customers, and to deliver solutions which best match those requirements.

SOSY’s role can also be described as a key account manager role towards the SOSY customers, once the initial installation and implementation has been carried out.

The technical responsibilities for delivery and implementation of the software solution and technical support lies with SOSY’s partners.

Helle Mering

Helle Mering has worked with SOSY’s software solutions since 1989, originally focusing primarily on systems management solutions.

Over the years, SOSY’s software portfolio has grown to cover multiple other areas such as software test and change management, real-time data sharing and performance analysis tools.

Helle Mering has spoken at numerous conferences and user group events on SOSY’s different software solution topics and the business areas evolving around the solutions.

Successful implementation and customer service has always been key values for Helle who became the sole owner of SOSY in 2003.