Data Integrity

Is your company data driven?

Most companies are.

Therefore, it is key that our data is available WHERE we want them. That we integrate them well. So that we avoid having duplicates of data. Or even triplets.

Inconsistent data gives us a poor basis for decision making. SOSY can help you improve your data quality. Click here for more information.  

Integrate multiple databases

Everyone has different types of databases. 

Yet, data integration is key.

Sometimes you need all your data from one database in another database – e.g. for another business process. 

Other times you just need some of the data from database one in database two. And you may want the data transformed – e.g. from one date format to another – or from a production code to a product name.

SOSY can help you achieve all of this. Click here to learn more about our solution for real-time data sharing.