Infor M3 Toolkit

SOSY is proud to have a number of tools helping M3 users in different areas.

The SOSY M3 Toolkit idea emerged as SOSY participated in numerous M3 events and thus became more familiar with various challenges that M3 users are facing. It therefore made good sense to define the “SOSY M3 Toolkit” which highlights how a number of the solutions that SOSY work  can help / resolve various pain points for the M3 users. Even though all the tools can be used for many different purposes as well, this section focuses on the needs of the typical M3 user.

Please find below a brief introduction to the different tools in the M3 Toolkit. For more information, please refer to the dedicated sections on each of the areas.


The M3 upgrades are typically postponed because of test issues. The super users do not have time to test, and other business matters are given higher priority. Hence the possibility of automated documentation and dynamic project management has caught the attention of many an Infor M3 user.

The ability to easily create training materials is an additional side benefit from the M3 TEST solutions.

M3 Security

Administrating users, assigning individual or group authority is sometime a complex task in M3.
Se how SOSY’s solution for M3 security makes this an manageable task!

Minimising data migration time

Likewise, minimal downtime at go-live is key to most companies, and for a number of such installations, Infor consultants have minimised the down-time by using Connect CDC for data migration.

Proactive monitoring

Monitoring all the M3 components is also a challenge. In particular, the many aspects of the M3 grid is complicated. Therefore, proactive automated monitoring can be a big help.

M3 performance analysis on IBM i

Last but not least, performance issues within M3 installations is sometimes are sometimes difficult to resolve. For those installations running M3 on IBM i, SOSY can help because SOSY’s performance analysis tool, GiAPA, has been enhanced to also support identification of M3 program and user names during performance peak times.