SOSY Performance X-ray

Free Performance X-ray on IBM i

MAYBE you know what application is causing your performance problems. But you need to know more.

OR you just want to know whether you have some very large performance savings which could be performed easily – if only you knew what application and what within that application was causing the performance issues. See section introducing GiAPA here.

GiAPA Performance X-ray

With GiAPA you can find out which source statement level or which user is causing your performance issues.

Free Performance Appetizer

Want to see if we can find anything at your site?

Order the FREE Performance X-ray, collect data on your system for two days and get the initial performance feedback for free!

GiAPA service offerings

If we can help you improve performance, there are multiple options available:

  1. Performance Health Check – where we give you a detailed report and overview of the findings during the 2-day collection period
  2. Performance Insurance Service – used when you have regular problems, but don’t know exactly when they occur. For this scenario, download GiAPA and start the data collection. When you experience the problem the next time, you have the data collection needed to performance externsive analysis. And you only pay then, not while the data collection is going on for xx days or weeks.
  3. Software license purchase or rental – this is the most common way of acquiring GiAPA
  4. Performance consultancy – use our performance expert to help you improve the performance in your environment.

Get going with GiAPA in 15 minutes

It only takes 15 minutes to download GiAPA and get the data collection going.

After 2 days, you stop the data collection and send the data to GiAPA’s FTP site, and we will then use GiAPA to analyse your data and produce the report as per the agreement made.

Order your FREE Performance X-ray or more information on GiAPA here