SAP customer case: Marston

SAP Test

SOSY’s partner Original Software are specialists in helping organizations speed up ERP upgrades and improve application quality and have been working with this area for many years.

Upgrading to a newer version of SAP or SAP Hana?

How many months have you planned for this process? Are you worried about the project not finishing on time? Do you have a flexible project management tool that can support changing needs in your business?

Super users – a bottleneck in User Interface Testing
A special focus area is user interface testing because the super users are always busy doing their normal jobs. They are too busy to test… But they have to test because they are the ones who can approve whether the new version or patch will support their working process. So anything you can do to ease the burden on their shoulders is valuable.

Speeding up User Acceptance Testing by documenting all processes automatically is one key element to success. Read more here.

Dynamic project management behind all the tasks – tying all the elements together, managing workflows and providing a graphical overview further speeds up the process.

SAP TESTING is one of our specialties
You can read a lot more about SAP TESTING on Original Software’s special website for SAP Testing