Test Overview

Elements within testing solution from Original Software are:

  • Test & project management
    •    User Acceptance Testing with automatic documentation
    •    Code-free automated testing
    •    Regression testing
    •    Test data generation and anonymisation

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The most important factors are typically TIME and TEST QUALITY.

Time – because the super users are typically too busy to be able to test. Therefore, upgrades are postponed and/or less testing is done which often results in patches being released to production too early.

Test quality – because it is traditionally difficult to determine exactly WHAT has been tested. This uncertainty is removed with the solutions from Original Software because all tools record exactly what is done during the tests – including every key stroke, mouse click etc.

You can attach comments to identified problems and create issues or even bugs which are linked directly to your test results.

Automated documentation has many purposes

The documentation results can also be used when you need to report an error to a 3rd party supplier, as training guides, as compliance documentation…

The results can be converted into Word/PDF and animation which is ideal for training purposes. Even though you have trained your new colleagues, it is very reassuring to be able to watch a recording of a business process before having to carry it out.

Code-free test automation

The business areas which are tested over and over again are logical candidates for test automation.

With the solutions from Original Software, you can convert manual testing results into scripts to be used for test automation. No coding is required Instead, you create a “playlist” involving scripts covering the different elements in a work process, and you can even cover multiple applications within a single automated test flow!


Benefits with automated testing

There are many benefits to test automation. These are just a few of them:

  1. The super users do not need to be disturbed time and time again whenever a new patch or upgrade is to be applied to test the same procedures
  2. The quality of the testing is improved due to standard procedures
  3. More areas within the ERP are covered as test automation evolves
  4. Tests can be launch automatically during off-hours
  5. Automatic reports on test results pinpointed identified errors or just proving that the test was successful

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Dynamic project management keeps you on top!

Overall, the test and project management is improved because all involved parties know exactly:

  1. What has been tested and which tests still need to be done
  2. What the test results were
  3. Which errors were found
  4. Who did the testing
  5. Who approved the tests
  6. Which tests belong to which projects

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