Analytics, BI and Data Science: Data-processing in real-time

In our world of modern technology, being able to make business decisions based on real-time data is key to stay ahead of competition.

Streaming data pipelines enable companies to process large amounts of information from a wide variety of sources and platforms across the enterprise.

The webinar will show you how you can stream your data to gain continuous, real-time intelligence and make better business decisions. Integrate your data from multiple systems, adjust them as needed for different purposes, and target the business needs.

The session includes a case study based on a project at Stark, Denmark. Hear from the involved consultant how real-time data consolidation in the cloud was achieved with Connect CDC from SOSY and Precisely.

Speaker name 1:                      Helle Mering

Speaker title:                            Director, SOSY

Speaker name 2:                      Alexander Trekin

Speaker title:                            Sr. Regional Sales Director, Precisely

Speaker name 3:                      Angelo Agatino Nicolosi

Speaker title:                            Information Technology Consultant, YanchWare