IBM i Performance Analysis, Optimization, Reporting

IBM i performance analysis

Do you know WHY your IBM i is experiencing PERFORMANCE ISSUES?

Monitoring solutions will notify you WHEN there is a problem.

With GiAPA, you can find out WHY the problem occurred and WHERE in your many applications.

In other words, with GiAPA you have a chance to rectify the problem so that it does not occur again.

GiAPA in a nutshell: Hotspots are key!

GiAPA analyzes all active jobs on IBM i every 15 seconds. This results in much more granular information on how resources are used on your IBM i than any other standard performance analysis too.

An important fact about GiAPA is the tool uses < 0,1% CPU of one active core on average while running this often.

A second set of data is created based on the so-called ”hotspots”. A hotspot is created if any job uses more than e.g. 4,5% CPU during such a 15 second interval (user-definable value), and GiAPA will therefore also collect information on file access and disk usage.

The result is a “goldmine” of data regarding your IBM i. GiAPA analyses the data automatically and serve the results on a silver platter in top-down priority. This ensures that you focus on the problems causing the most performance issues first.

The feedback from GiAPA is given at an extremely granular level:

  • Source code level
  • Java thread level
  • Named user

Because of this, it is typically a very simple task to improve performance significantly.

The key is that GiAPA will tell you WHERE the source code needs to be changed. Or which user is the unhappy one. Often it is a configuration issue.

GiAPA uses AI to offer tips on code modifications to improve performance

Finding the needle in the haystack is key!

GiAPA does this automatically for you by showing WHERE you performance are located within your xxx lines of source.

But GiAPA will even take you a step further!

Using Artificial Intelligence, GiAPA event offers tips on HOW to improve your performance.

GiAPA graphical reporting

Having information regarding the performance usage every 15 seconds makes it possible to produce very accurate graphs regarding the system usage.

Daily good morning reports can be scheduled showing how the resources were used the previous day.

Monthly reports can be produced showing growth in system resources thus helping you predict future usage and load requirements.

Get going with GiAPA in 15 minutes

It only takes 15 minutes to download GiAPA and get the data collection going.

GiAPA brochure and video.

If you want to read more about GiAPA, you can have a look at an on-line brochure here.

If you want to get an overview of GiAPA in just four minutes, click here to watch the video.