SOSY represents the following software brands and solution providers:

Original Software

Testing and project management solutions from Original Software
Original Software develops solutions for application quality management, including test management, manual tests, automated tests and test data.

Original Software

Work Process Documentation from Original Software

Connect CDC from Precisely
SOSY works with Connect CDC from Precisely which enables real-time data sharing between multiplatform databases. Use Connect CDC for data migration, business intelligence and data integration projects.

Help systems

PowerTech from HelpSystems
The PowerTech solutions from HelpSystems include solutions for security reporting and compliance, remote access control, user management, antivirus protection on IBM i, protection of sensitive data and more.

Help systems

Halcyon solutions from HelpSystems
The Halcyon solutions from HelpSystems provides solutions for multiplatform systems management, including monitoring, scheduling, disk and performance.


GiAPA from iPerformance
iPerformance develops GiAPA, the IBM i performance analysis tool for both operations and development. Find out the root cause of performance issues.


Aldon from Rocket Software
SOSY works with Rocket Aldon’s solutions for software change management supporting the entire development cycle.

M3 Smart Apps from Vince
SOSY works with Vince’s M3 productivity tools for security, data management, and proactive process surveillance and alert notification