GDPR Toolkit

SOSY GDPR Toolkit can help you prepare for GDPR in the following ways:

1. Automatic work process documentation
Are your work processes descriptions and instructions for procedures in connection with GDPR up-to-date and well documented?

If not, let us help you. SOSY has a very simple tool that can help you automate the whole business process capture challenge. While you are capturing, you can highlight important parts of the screen and add comments so that your colleagues get all the guidelines they need as they are working. Produce Word/PDF or animation films as output.

You can get going within a day!

2. Anonymization of test data

Is your test data compliant with GDPR? Has all sensitive data been removed from your test data? If not, let us help you. We will make sure that the data integrity is kept so that you can follow e.g. a whole order process.

Test data scrambling on multiple databases
SOSY’s tool can work with scrambling test data on MS SQL, DB2 on IBM i and Oracle.

3. Security
Security in regards to GDPR means … A LOT! Here are some of the areas that SOSY can help you with:

  • Controlling access to your Power IBM i
  • Producing GDPR reports for your Power IBM i – for internal purposes and for the auditors. Regular automated reported makes it possible to follow progress with your security efforts.
  • Controlling powerful users – who is accessing what and how? Typically, your users do not need to access the super sensitive data regularly. Enhance your security by controlling access to the sensitive data.
  • Encryption of files – make sure sensitive data is protected.
  • Protecting your IFS on IBM i against virus and ransomware – Of course you are protecting your Windows platform, but what about the graphical elements which are stored within the IFS on IBM i?

Read more about SOSY’s security offerings here.