Security Starter Kit 1

SOSY has a wide variety of security solutions for the IBM Power systems. In particular for Power i.

The question we often get is: “What area should we begin with?”

That’s why SOSY has defined a couple of Security Starter Kits to help you get going.

Security Starter Kit 1

The Security Starter Kit 1 focuses on TWO security areas: Compliance overview and protecting your Power i against external access.

  1. Security reporting ensure you:
    1. Get an overview of the security state of your system. Produce reports weekly, monthly or quarterly. User the standard reports available or define customized reports to obtain just the type of security information you are interested in.
    2. Can answer the questions from the auditors, e.g. who can do what on your system, how well protected are your exit points
    3. Can follow your system’s security status, i.e. hopefully you will get less “flags” as time moves as and you apply more and more security policies, update user authorities, remove old inactive users etc. etc.
  2. Exit point management means you:
    1. Know who has access to your Power IBM i
    2. Control what external users allowed to do on your system
    3. This tool actively locks down your system and protects you from “unwanted visitors”