Automatic Documentation of Workflows 

Are the workflows of your business well documented?? Are you up-to-date? Ready for an audit tomorrow?

... or is documentation of workflows one of those tasks that tend to be put off for "mañana" ?!

Now you can catch up!

The simple tool TestDrive-UAT from Original Software automatically captures every step along the way: Every screen, mouse click, all entries etc. are captured automatically - without delaying your work!

Easy to produce training guides and videos
Need to produce training guides or videos for new colleagues? Add comments to the recording along the way - or bubbles afterwards to explain a certain feature.

The recordings will become your new training guides - - as Word/PDF documents - -  or as animation videos that your new colleagues can watch when and where they please.

Much quicker to prepare for audits
If you have to prepare for an audit - or for GDPR - and therefore have a lot of processes to document, let TestDrive-UAT help you!

Click here to see a sample recording using SOSY's tool TestDrive-UAT from Original Software.