FREE painkiller for your “Corona-working-remote-kit”

Need to document workflows?

— because you are TESTING and have to provide evidence?

— or TRYING TO EXPLAIN A PROBLEM you are having?



Let TestDrive-UAT come to your rescue

No need to pull out your hair anymore!!

Or ask you boss for money.

You can have the documentation tool – TestDrive-UAT from Original Software – FREE for the rest of 2020 on you own laptop.


No delays – just keep on working.

Send the result as a Word document… or an animation movie.

When you are done with your workflow, TestDrive-UAT is done too.

Everything is captured on-the-fly.

Every screen, every mouse click, all your entries…

You can even add comments and circle in special points of interest
… simultaneously… or afterwards, if you need to.

In less than 30 minutes you can be up and running!