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GDPR Toolkit

EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entering into force May 25 2018 - and none
of us wants a fine of EUR 20 mio or 4% of the global turnover.

The new regulation demands that all companies and organizations are more careful with
personal sensitive data. This impacts multiple areas within IT.

SOSY has a number of tools to help you prepare as follows:
    1. Test Data creation and anonymisation
    2. Security: Manage exit points, users, data access ...Report and follow up!
    3. Automate documentation on workflows 


1. Test Data - - Scramble them automatically! 

GDPR requires that all sensitive personal data are scrambled so that no test data can be attributed to a specific person.

In order to be able to do so successfully, you need to analyze your data first, and then you need to apply a mechanism for
doing so.

And whilst you are optimizing your test data, it is typically also a good idea to look at subsetting your data. Why? Because
you do not usually need to use all your data for testing. Fewer data makes testing quicker and can be just as valid, as 
long as you know that your test data are representative of your production data.

SOSY has a tool from Original Software which can do this automatically for you. Read more here.


2. Security Scan - - Find out if your IBM i is OK

Get an analysis based on your IBM i environment.

SOSY's business partner HelpSystems have completed 1000's of Security Scans
over the years and helped numerous IBM i shops improve their IBM i security.

HelpSystems' extensive experience within this area results in you getting feedback on the following areas and more:

  • User Access to Data: Who has access to your data today 
  • Public Authority to Libraries: Overview of user account management
  • System Security: Any particular areas you need to worry more about? 
  • System Auditing: We will show you how you can audit your system


How to get a FREE Security Scan

The process is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. . Sign up for the scan
  2. Download the tool onto your PC
  3. Connect to the IBM i unit you want analyzed and run the scan
  4. Send the results to SOSY
  5. Over a web-based session where we review the results. No strings attached!

If you want us to help you repair or improve any of the security aspects that we discuss, we will be more than happy to show you how we can help out. If you just want to keep the report and not do anything else for the time being that is fine with us too. 

You get to keep the detailed report no matter what - and you are free to use the analysis tool for other IBM i units in your environment.

Read more about the FREE Security Scan and sign up for YOUR OWN! 


3. Automatic Documentation of Workflows 

GDPR is a lot about procedures... Ensuring that the right procedures are in place for all possible scenarios.

Does everyone in your company know what to do when you are met with a GDPR request from a business associate or a former employee? Do you have procedures in place regarding your sensitive data, where to keep it, how to delete it etc. AND: Have you documented it???

Having documentation and work descriptions in place to support this traditionally takes a lot of time. Now it no longer needs to.

Automatic capture of your work processes speeds up your GDPR preparation
Click here to see an example recording using SOSY's tool TestDrive-UAT from Original Software to capture a business process. You will notice that you can add comments along the way, and the resulting file can automatically be converted to a Word/PDF file or an animation!