Systems Management

SOSY has worked with systems management solutions ever since it was founded in 1989. The solution platform has changed a couple of times over the years.

Today SOSY works with the Halcyon solutions now owned and marketed by HelpSystems.

SOSY started working with the Halcyon solutions in 2012.

The Halcyon platform strategy which completely mirrors IBM’s strategy for Power by extending support to embrace IBM i, AIX sand Linux on the Power platform plus the ability manage the Windows environment as well is a unique approach on the market place.

Apart from proactively monitoring all these areas, the Halcyon solutions can also automate disk space management, performance reporting and scheduling and more.

The monitoring solutions can be very simple – or very advanced. Let us know what fits your needs.

No matter what, you always have support of the central ”Enterprise Console” which can either sit on a large PC screen in an operations center or at an outsourcer, plus you can view and manage the central console from mobile devices like mobie phones and tablets.