Vince VBU – Your M3 Butler

When an M3 process stops… do you know WHAT is wrong??

Vince Butler (VBU) does!

… because VBU actively monitors the CONTENT of your M3 processes.

E.g. VBU knows that order number 8 failed. Not just that there is a problem with processing orders.

The VBU notification enables your M3 specialists to remedy the specific problem instantly – because they don’t have to figure out WHERE the problem is.

With Vince VBU you minimize your M3 downtime by increasing efficiency. Vince VBU notifies the right person directly. No need to wait for the IT helpdesk analyzing the problem to pinpoint the cause.

Pre-packaged dashboards can be applied instantly. And, you can customize special dashboards focusing on your niche metrics.

Because of Vince’ extensive M3 expertise, VBU is easily installed and activated: Typically, it only takes one day to get going with VBU.

Follow up

Read more about VINCE VBU here on Vince Norway’s website.