Case study on Vince Butler: Logitrans stay on top of their M3 environment

Examples of Vince Butler tasks at Logitrans A/S, Denmark:

  • Manual checks are automated <=> IT knows that the MEC is OK
  • Sales knows when the sales goals have been met
  • Finance knows when all debtors have paid
  • Warehouse knows when minimum stock levels are reached
  • Etc. etc.

With Vince Butler, your customized dashboards are updated in real-time!

Logitrans’ favourite expression is “Vince is green“.

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ege case

CASE: TEST – ege’s M3 Upgrade gets the Red Carpet treatment

egetæpper a/s found itself in the position where the company had to upgrade from a very old version of Infor M3 to version 13.4 with the added complication of many modifications. These modifications had been developed both by external consultants in Denmark and abroad as well as by ege’s own developers. This added another level of complexity and meant that testing across all the elements of the solution was now of critical importance to the business, as was the documentation of the results.

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