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Don’t miss out: 2 webinars for Infor M3 users June 4+6 2019

We are happy to present two exciting webinars for Infor M3 users in May. Save the dates and register via the links below:


Process Documentation and UAT for Infor M3 Users

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Automated Testing for Infor M3 Users

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SOSY teams up with Vince

SOSY is proud to announce our new partnership with Vince from Norway.


Vince are M3 experts, founded by former consultants from Infor and Lawson.

Vince’s mission is to offer applications to transform Infor M3 into the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly ERP solution available.

Vince has a number of solutions for Infor M3:

  • VSE – Ultimate Infor M3 Security
  • VBU – Butler service monitoring inside M3
  • VXL – M3data management made easy


SOSY’s first step with Vince is with Vince VSE – the M3 security package.

With SOSY’s large M3 network and focus on security, the decision to start with Vince VSE was easy as 1-2-3.


Vince VSE – in a nutshell

VSE gives you a comprehensive overview of security within Infor M3, including permissions across users, roles and functions.


Active directory integration makes it easy to assign or remove roles and authorities as people join, change roles or leave your company.


Any changes made at the user level are tracked with the built-in audit trail!

With Vince VSE you can build and implement a robust access model that keeps your business safe AND satisfies your auditors too!

The intuitive design makes implementation easy and fast. Only 1 day is needed.

If segregation of duties is key in your environment, we will be happy to show you the add-on module with 35 rules predefined by KPMG.

Want to see a demo of Vince VSE?

Yes, please show me how security in Infor M3 can become intuitive and easy to manage!


Read more about Vince VSE hereon Vince Norway’s website.

Bring Your Infor M3 Implementation Accelerator to Life

Do you find it difficult to manage your M3 testing?

… even though you have Infor M3 Implementation Accelerator (IA) for one or many M3 modules?

Let us bring your M3 IA to Life!!


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MAF conference in Gothenburg April 8-10 2019

Come join us!

This year SOSY is one of the gold sponsors with M3 TEST as the main theme. We are very much looking forward to that.

The latest M3 TEST news are:

  • Import of Infor M3 Implementation Accelerator – manage your M3 testing
  • Another Norwegian M3 client wants to automate
  • Many M3 users now have automatic documentation – you see all screen prints, clicks, input etc…. Notes can be added… Simple reports to Infor…

Hope to see you in Gothenburg!


M3UG 2019

M3UG Conference Svendborg, Denmark, March 13-14 2019

Come join us!

SOSY will participate in this year’s M3UG conference. Get the latest information on M3 TEST, M3 monitoring, realtime data sharing, M3 performance, data quality…

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ege case

CASE: TEST – ege’s M3 Upgrade gets the Red Carpet treatment

egetæpper a/s found itself in the position where the company had to upgrade from a very old version of Infor M3 to version 13.4 with the added complication of many modifications. These modifications had been developed both by external consultants in Denmark and abroad as well as by ege’s own developers. This added another level of complexity and meant that testing across all the elements of the solution was now of critical importance to the business, as was the documentation of the results.

Read the whole case story here

M3 test templates now available: Let Qualify manage your M3 testing

M3 TEST: Qualify M3 help you manage your M3 tests

Many installations have expressed interest in having an M3 template to use as basis for the M3 TEST project management. Maybe because it has been a long time sincethey made an M3 upgrade. Maybe because of new staff. Or maybe because they are new to M3.

We have therefore created an M3 template in our Test Project Management tool, Qualify.

Qualify M3 can be seen as a good starting point to give you a head start. Use the Qualify M3 as is – or modify to further suit your needs – now or later.
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M3: Automated Testing

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